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OrganiFlow™ – Ingredient Evolution

We currently live in a society that thrives on miracle cures – whether through traditional or alternative medicine. Many people are starting to lean towards the latter due to fewer side effects and the more organic approach that usually produces more favorable sustainable results. Now while there are countless supplements on the market, whether used to treat the myriad of health issues we need to sidestep, or to help out bodies to be more efficient, it goes without saying that not all are created equal. Just one of the reasons this the case is due to the use of excipients.

BioPerine® - Nature's Bioavailability Enhancing Thermonutrient

A Bioenhancers (bioavailability enhancers) are important substances that increase the bioefficacy of active substances. Although used in a variety of medications for patients around the world, they are also commonly found in vitamin and nutrient supplements. Bioavailability and bioefficacy are often used interchangeably but refer to two important distinctions. Bioavailability is the absorption and distribution of an active ingredient, while bioefficacy relates to how much more effective the active ingredient is.